World class Onix™ Radiant Hose  with  Aluminum O2 barrier. This Product is perfect for underfloor staple jobs, and rough worksites. It can be routed up walls and across ceilings a like an electrical cable, it is impossible to damage tubing by kinking. The Alum O2 Barrier is the best barrier you can have. When used in underfloor applications this tubing Does NOT need Aluminum Plates or Special Fasteners like PEX. Very reliable splices, No crimp tool required. Often saves contractors far more in labor than its extra cost.
Stock Sizes Costs
3/8 In X.  200 Ft. Coil $ 1.55 per foot / $ 310 per coil.
3/8 In X. 260 Coil $ 1.55 per foot / $ 403 per coil.
Ships by UPS, Call for quote on custom lengths.